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Class Times - Summer 2023

IN-PERSON: Saturdays
  • 10am Advanced class (current focus: form applications)

  • 11am Short form instruction
    Requires pre-registration; open to fully vaccinated and boosted adults; masks required)

ONLINE: Sundays
  • 11:00am-noon ET Advanced T’ai Chi Ch’uan Seminar class

  • Beginners or first time enrollment: a series of 4 classes for $40
  • Single classes: $20 per class. Registration must be made 24 hours prior to class via email
  • Monthly classes: 1-3 classes are $20 per class; four or more classes at $15 per class.
    • Payment is due at the beginning of the month.
    • Classes billed based on class registration rather than attendance. If you are unable to attend a class for which you have registered, you will still be charged for that class (some exceptions may be made in the event of extreme emergencies).
  • Register: send email to to ensure space is available. Contact us for details on how to join our classes on Zoom.
  • Payment: preferably sent via PayPal to Check or cash also accepted. Payment due prior to or at the time of the class.

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